DIG IN Preston DOWN TO EARTH SUPPORT For the Military & Blue Light Community


Our team is made up of people from the military community – both serving and veteran, and our families. We are here to support each other through challenging times and celebrate good times.

We are based in a walled garden within a local park although there is no public access to our site. However, this is about much more than gardening.


People get together and do something practical that benefits both themselves and serves others – and maybe also helps a team-mate through a tough time.

You can come here to garden; growing plants in the greenhouse for us to sell, or food in the garden to share with the group. You can learn a new practical skill such as carpentry, photography or stone masonry. You can go fishing or out on various trips.

Or you can come and just relax with others who have served – sharing some tea, toast and a chat.


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Dig In on Northwest Tonight

We were recently visited by the team at Northwest tonight who wanted to know more about the benefits of gardening on mental health and wellbeing. You...

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Bloomin Marvellous Drop In Sessions


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Chorley Flower Show

We are excited to be attending Chorley Flower show this year. After over a year of having no events to attend we can't wait to be out and about...

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